The Flower Foundation is a new non-profit organization passionate about sharing the beauty and healing power of flowers with those in our community whose spirits need lifting, and who rarely receive such a lovely gift of compassion and cheer.

The foundation collects, reassembles, and gifts fresh, gorgeous flowers and arrangements from weddings, galas, and other individual and corporate events immediately after their initial use. We then deliver these bouquets, both individually and collectively, to hospital patients, hospice care, centers for counseling and abuse, and hundreds of our elderly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. These celebratory flowers are cared for and delivered promptly, while they are beautiful and vibrant.

Supporting the Flower Foundation is an extraordinary opportunity to serve the community. The foundation not only extends the life of flowers that would otherwise be discarded, but touches the lives of hundreds of people. The recipients are those in our community who rarely, if ever, receive such gifts. In six years over $700,000 in floral arrangements have been delivered to numerous recipients, including MD Anderson Cancer Center, the Houston Hospice, the Veterans Hospital, The Counseling Place, Covenant House, Cullen Center for the Retarded, as well as dozens of nursing homes, such as the Garden Villa, Tremont, Wincrest and Czech Catholic.

To volunteer, contribute or for general inquiries, please contact: larnold@theflowerfoundation.org